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I believe art and writing are like a link between the Divine and materiality. Thus, the artist is an intermediary between the celestial and the earthly sphere: his mission is to seize the Beauty, keep inside and enrich it to develop through his intellectual qualities in order to return a part of that Beauty to the world. That's the so-called inspiration: to grab and to turn the ineffable into a Work, so that everyone can enjoy it.

Indeed, the term itself derives from the Latin word "spiritus". For the most ancient civilizations, in fact, the inspiration came thanks to divine intervention (Spirit): the Greeks, for example, believed the gods of the Olympus illuminated the artist, giving him the gift of creative spark. It looks like prehistory, but it does not: most of the writers of Romanticism, from Edgar Allan Poe to Percy Bisshe Shelley, emphasized the mystical aspect of inspiration as the product of the Genius, seen as a kind of inner God dwelling in the body of the artist. Not to mention Samuel Coleridge, who even spoke of automatic writing: according to him, the artist composes his works during a state of trance, as if he was possessed by a demon of creativity.

Narrative must speak a current, alive language, son of experimentation or, as I usually say, of contamination. The following motto is one of my workhorses: «I write books, not medicine leaflets». The word contamination comes from jazz, the most open among all musical genres, where the improvisation, the breaking of the schemes and experimentation play a major role. To me, writing is questioning, playing with the Italian language, breaking every paradigm of the already seen.

Creative writing


I present innovative projects in collaboration with secondary schools of I and II degree throughout the national territory, in compliance with the DL 104/13, converted with modifications from Legge 128/2013. A few examples:

  • Il mestiere di scrivere: training internship for those who dream of writing as their profession
  • Progetto editoria: business training internship to discover the profession of the publisher

Individual growth path culminating with the student's literary debut and with the publication of his first novel.

For students of secondary schools of I and II degree. It foresees the publication of their stories in an anthology.

First creative writing elements for the little ones. The course is aimed at primary school pupils.

Path of artistic training for future illustrators. Introduction to design and desktop publishing.

My publishing house

Argento Vivo Edizioni

Argento Vivo Edizioni is a young publishing house that has the mission of selecting and nurturing tomorrow's talents. Except denial, Argento Vivo is the only publishing house in Italy that wanted to equip an Academy with the aim of identifying young and very young creatives on which to invest in a project of artistic, individual and professional growth.

In addition to his training mission, Argento Vivo accepts manuscripts in vision and publishes works of any kind, including non-fiction and the much mistreated poetry. We are also considering expanding our catalog by exploring unprepared trails, such as photography and education for schools.

For more info, please visit the publisher's website:

My books


Divina Mente

2011, autopublishing

Serial Kinder

2015, Watson Edizioni

Chi ha paura del Serpente?

2015, Prospero Editore

Ci siete mai stati a quel paese?

2017, Augh! Edizioni

William Silvestri official website of the author, teacher and operativ manager of Argento Vivo Edizioni

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